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Sonic Circuits & Amma House | Music Cultures of Washington, D.C.
Monica first heard about Sonic Circuits through Professor Marc Medwin of the Performing Arts Department at American University, in a conversation about drone .

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drone Synonyms, drone Antonyms |
Synonyms for drone at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and . Synonyms: cantillate, carol, chorus, croon, descant, doxologize, drone, .

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Figure 1: Reduction of opening drone of East -
Summer Music for violin and tape, combines Erickson's fascination for tuned environmental drones with a very spontaneous, lyrical cantillation and arabesque .

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Cantillate Synonyms, Cantillate Antonyms |
Synonyms for cantillate at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, . Synonyms: cantillate, carol, chorus, croon, descant, doxologize, drone, intone, .

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Cantillating drone
Cantillating drone · Archive · Buzz @ ? RSS · Older ?. Sergei Prokofiev - The Battle on the Ice [Flash 9 is required to listen to audio.] 15 plays. The Battle on the .

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Chorale Fantasy (2010) | Mohammed FairouzMohammed Fairouz
. into more maqam-like inflections. Kitchen cantillated against a rhythmically insistent drone from the other three, which then transformed into a whirl of dance.

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The History of Rock Music. Maquiladora: biography, discography ...
. middle-eastern cantillation meets operatic female howling on a bed of tablas. . The sixteen-minute Harkonen Veda swims in distorted drones that seem .

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The History of Rock Music - The Nineties
A spiderweb of metabolizing structures, an organic blend of timbres, drones and . (French chansons, African polyrhythms, Middle-eastern cantillation, Peruvian .

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Older - Cantillating drone
Went to the LB Funkfest this weekend. Monophonics by far had the best vibes and an overwhelming energy that got the party going. Sonia and I had left the .

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His early work with carillon and electronic sustained drones has given place . 21) Cantillation/ Nusach websites at .

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Bird Spirit Dreaming: Concerto for Oboe and ... - Ross Edwards
. unified by drones, ritornelli and episodes of canonic variation. This melodic unfolding, with its fleeting references to birdsong, plainsong, Hebrew cantillation, .

Nico Muhly
Dealing with young people always has, for me, a distant melancholic drone. . piece, vocalists perform stylized variations on Hebrew cantillation while several .

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    David DOrio | Artomatic
    . a single line of musical tones (i.e. a single melody, or intonation, or cantillation) . . The piece displayed is a metaphor for the monophonic drone of talk radio .

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    CHANT Synonyms and Antonyms --
    . drone, rage, air, song, intonate, clatter, singsong, acrostic, rattle, tone up, thunder, harmonize, archaism, cantillate, throb, serenade, strengthen, tune, buzz, roll, .

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    intonation - definition and meaning
    drone · monotone · singsong · cantillation · droning · fixed intonation · intonation . droning · fixed intonation · monotone · singsong · drone · cantillation · interval .

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    Analysis of Selected Musical Styles - Music in the Afghan North
    melody vs. lower-string drone, etc.) occur at . of drone, the simultaneous sounding of the upper and lower open-string . cantillation or call to prayer ( azan).

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Keyboards for Christ Music/Award Program
not surprising since the cantillation of the Hebrew Scriptures was not suited to a drone accompaniment or the "tone color" of reed instruments. We find a singular .

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NEC students match energies with Borromeo Quartet -
Feb 28, 2012 . Kitchen cantillated against a rhythmically insistent drone from the other three, which then transformed into a whirl of dance. But the overall tone .

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Croon Synonyms, Croon Antonyms |
Definition: sing simple song or song part. Synonyms: cantillate, carol, chorus, croon, descant, doxologize, drone, intone, recite, shout, tune, vocalize, warble .

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Eternity - Ross Edwards
. brass canon and organ drone, punctuated at regular intervals by two tam-tams. . and the work has been splendidly recorded by Cantillation for ABC Classics.

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Obituary: Richard Wolfson | Film | The Guardian
Apr 13, 2005. Kaddish combined East European folk, weather noises, roaring electronics, systems music, heavy metal, Hebrew cantillation, ambient drones .

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Hummed Synonyms, Hummed Antonyms |
Synonyms: bombinate, bumble, drone, fizz, fizzle, hum, murmur, reverberate, ring , . Synonyms: belt out, burst into song, buzz*, canary, cantillate, carol, chant, .


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Mark Alburger: December 18 - Last Day First Day
Dec 18, 2008 . [Francisco, Megan, Ben, Ken M., Andrew, Jonathon] which mirthfully combines elaborate extended melismatic cantillation and minimalist drone .

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    speak - Dictionary Definition :
    drone, drone on. talk in a monotonous voice. bumble, falter, stammer . cantillate, chant, intonate, intone. recite with musical intonation; recite as a chant or a .

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    A Bleeding Star - TheSirensSound
    Dec 1, 2011 . Genre – Instrumental, Minimal, Ambient, Drone, Minimal-drone, . Strings on a Burial Plate – When A Calm Faun Cantillates V Psalms of Hate .

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    Christian hymnody, Muslim Cantillation. Tonal language . Vocal polyphony, heterophony, Drone-ostinato, Layering, Counterpoint,. Vocal timbres: yodeling .


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Letters: Word crime | From the Guardian | The Guardian
Aug 14, 2011 . The drone strikes have given us a foretaste of this. . Balinese Gamelan, Hebrew cantillation, Pérotin's organum and a host of other things.

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Music As a World Phenomenon Exam 2 flashcards | Quizlet
Vocabulary words for Music As a World Phenomenon Exam 2.