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How do You Measure Caliber? -
The caliber is the measurement of the inside of a rifle barrel. For instance . Bullet Chart Caliber . Topics: and good charlotte and bullet of my valentine. Share: .

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Best rifle calibers and cartridges for hunting
A chart is provided which depicts the best rifle calibers and cartridges for . The following chart depicts caliber/bullet recommendations for various game animals: .

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Bullet Caliber Comparison Charts | Sub-Silent Suppressors
Bullet Caliber Comparison Charts. Welcome to Sub-Silent Suppressors - New Zealand's LEADING Specialist in Custom Hand Crafted Rim-fire, PCP, CO2 .

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Bullet Chart Caliber | Answers
The concepts of caliber and size are used to distinguish rounds or bullets that go inside a gun. Any bullet that is fired from a gun actually has three parts: .

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Caliber - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Similarly, the 6.5x55 Swedish cartridge has a bullet diameter of 6.5 mm and a case length of 55 mm. To convert from the diameter in mm to caliber divide the mm .

Caliber | Define Caliber at
Caliber definition at, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. Look it up now! . Bullet chart caliber · Gun caliber .

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Pinnacle Armor Ballistic Chart
The following calibers, bullet types, and velocities are the .

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Difference in Gun Calibers? - Yahoo! Answers
Is it size / shape of bullet? . Any type of chart would be idea. 5 years ago . Even among gun nuts who know all the details of caliber, bullet .

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Twenty Caliber Cartridge Guide
Today's small-caliber shooter finds a wide selection of barrels, bullets, reloading dies, and accessories. This guide . You'll find the data in the chart below.

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Every War Has Its Caliber - Nolan Chart
May 28, 2008 . After five years of fighting, soldiers say that the bullets used in M16 & M4 rifles are . advertise on the Nolan Chart . Every War Has Its Caliber .

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An Analysis of the New NRA/Whittington Center Pit Safety Rules
Feb 28, 2005 . In the above chart the 38-caliber bullet would actually have the highest BC due to its lower Drag Coefficient with the 50-caliber bullet coming in .

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Small Caliber Bullets
Bullet design and manufacture. . Our small caliber bullets are manufactured to exacting standard, using only the finest materials, . Just take a look at the chart: .

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    Ammunition List
    Ammunition List. 71 Bullets Listed . .22 WMR .22 caliber (5.56 mm). 40 grain ( 2.6 g). 1900 ft/s (580 m/s). Winchester 1950s .

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    The Big Game And Elk Hunting Rifle
    That allows me to hold dead on out to 350 yards. You need to check the ballistics charts for the caliber, and the bullet weight for the ammo that you will be using.

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    List of rifle cartridges - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    2.1.1 smaller than .30 caliber; 2.1.2 .30 caliber - .40 caliber; 2.1.3 .40 caliber - .50 caliber; 2.1.4 .50 caliber and larger. 2.2 Metric. 2.2.1 smaller than 6mm; 2.2.2 .

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    Feb 22, 2003 . Be sure you have the heaviest grain bullet you can get. . What about the new S&W .50 caliber revolver? . As to charts and studies......I have .

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Rifles / Calibers / Bore Diameters / Cartridges / Ballistics:
The below ballistics tables will give true caliber of bullet and rifle bore groove diameter, measured in american standard and metric. Rifle cartridge bullet weight .

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An Alternate Look at Handgun Stopping Power
. with Charts and Graphs: . I documented all of the data I could; tracking caliber, type of bullet (if .

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17 Hornet - Hornady
The 17 Hornet – an economical, fun .17 caliber centerfire cartridge that puts the STING . V-MAX bullet; Same C.O.L. as the 22 Hornet – uses the existing action .

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Chart #7- the Civil War Minie Ball was a 58 caliber hollow based bullet weighing 480 grains. It used 60 grains of Black Powder for about 1100 fps at the muzzle.

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What's New - Dexadine Inc.
Version 6.4.6 released April, 2012: Added the following calibers: 17 Hornet, 300 Whisper, . Now there are over 2350 loads and over 1960 bullets in the library. . Version 6.4.4 released May, 2011: Added export to Excel feature to the Chart, .

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What caliber is a 7 mm bullet
The 7mm... What is the difference between mm and calibers when talking about bullets? go to, There should be a caliber to mm conversion chart .


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Quality hand-cast bullets for reloaders, competitors, and recreational ...
Using them will allow you to estimate the heaviest/longest bullet a gun will stabilize based on the caliber (left-most column) and twist rate in inches (top-most .


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Ballistic Calculator
Our calculator creates a proper ballistics trajectory chart that details range, drop, . Bullet # 1. Bullet caliber. Bullet name. Ballistic coefficient. Initial velocity (feets .

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Hornady Muzzleloading Bullets 50 Caliber Sabot with ... - Midway USA
It has a 50 caliber sabot which falls away when the bullet leaves the muzzle. Application Charts & Information. Was this information helpful? Yes No .